Our Company

07-25-11 #08We believe that every landscape placed in our care should improve over time. Improvement in the health & appearance of our customers’ grounds will occur as a result of consistent scheduling & hard work, as well as from the informed application of the right horticultural practices.

We believe that our industry too often abandons the best horticultural practices in the face of ever-increasing price pressures.  We know from hard experience the best choices for the long-term protection and enhancement of landscape quality costs a bit more than the “cosmetic” practices commonly employed.  We will gladly explain what we mean by “best horticultural practices” and demonstrate how those practices represent the greatest value and actual long term savings for everyone.

We believe that industry involvement, employee training, and certification are vitally important for the personal growth of the people who comprise our company.  We also understand that such continuous learning and involvement will be the catalyst for ongoing improvements in our service to our customers.  In recognition of the considerable benefits of education and industry certification, we happily pay associated fees as well as providing pay and promotion incentives for such accomplishment.

Our mission statement:

 Create a Lasting Impression

  • We intend for the quality of our work to stand out.
  • We want our customers’ experience with us to be so favorable that they become partners in pursuing our mutual interests.
  • We will gladly work to make involvement with our company the most rewarding , life enhancing, value-packed decision possible – for everyone associated with our company.