Posted On:February 13, 2013
Posted On:February 13, 2013
Posted On:July 10, 2012

PUT THESE LANDSCAPE WATER SAVING IDEAS TO USE NOW! Summer is by far the most difficult time for landscape plantings!  Plant physiology allows for winter survival; however, our typically long
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Posted On:July 10, 2012

TREE PRUNING EXPLAINED – (Randy McManus, CLP  –  Willamette Landscape Services, Inc.) Good pruning is often important for extending the useful life of landscape trees.  With a basic understanding of
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  • "I mean it when I say I have valued and appreciated Willamette’s dedication to clients. I’ve been managing community associations for almost 30 years now, and I have seen a lot of good and not-so-good with contractors serving my clients. You all just rock it out every time and are consummate professionals."
  • Willamette Landscape Services awarded GOLD Safety Award by PLANET for another year of outstanding driving and personal safety!
  • “Several years ago the Orenco Station HOA sought a new landscape partner who shared our values for deploying environmentally friendly practices and developing a sustainable and enduring landscape. We found this in Willamette Landscape."
  • "At the end of the day, it all comes down to what the neighbors say, and each new season brings more accolades from homeowners in our community.”
  • “I frequently hear how our owners appreciate the quality of our landscape and how well it is maintained by the crews of Willamette.”
  • Water Conservation News: Congratulations to SUMMIT AT PROGRESS RIDGE for achieving over $20,000 in landscape water savings in just 3 years!!
  • “Whether we need plant maintenance, irrigation, or planning and installation, we are happy with our relationship with WLS, and we are always ready to recommend your services.”
  • “As a Board member, I frequently receive comments about our landscaping. Before Willamette began caring for our property, none of the comments were positive. Now, none of them are negative. None.”
  • "My neighbor called to tell me how happy they are about the pond running so clean and strong. They said it has never been this good since the first year they moved in 17 years ago!”
  • “Willamette accomplished an amazing amount of work today and with such artistry. The balance brought to each tree and perennial bed!!! The gleditsia is now a sculptural piece of art. I cannot thank all of you enough.”
  • “I must express my deep appreciation for the outstanding, beautiful work Willamette did on my Japanese maple. This tree would be a ‘star’ at the Japanese Garden!”
  • "Glenn…. You and your crew do such a fantastic job that the Board had no issue immediately approving a 36 month contract J … thank you!"