Lawn Care

Regular mowing, edging, watering, & fertilizing are basic activities that you can expect from any reasonably competent landscape service.  This is not, however, the full range of activities required to maintain a healthy lawn over time.

Optimum turf grass performance requires a soil pH of 6.0 – 7.0.  If we suspect a lower (acidic) pH condition, we will have your soil tested to determine whether a lime application is necessary.  Raising the soil pH allows grasses to better utilize available nutrients.

Each year your sod develops a little more thatch & winter-desiccated grass blades that will accumulate if ignored.  Constant mowing at the same height each year will not reduce this accumulation.  As this material accumulates, more water is required to penetrate into the root zone.  We begin each new season with a “spring cleanup mowing” of your lawns, usually one inch below the normal mowing height.  This activity requires extra time, but results in a substantially rejuvenated lawn!