Natural Solutions
Natural Solutions
embodies our determination to employ Best Practices in terms of nurturing healthy landscape ecosystems.  It speaks to our desire to employ organic, or natural materials, rather than synthetic fertilizers and manufactured chemicals.

This brand also proclaims our determination to press forward in the implementation of the cleanest and quietest operations possible.  This means actively moving toward a new era where fuel-powered equipment is replaced with electric, battery-powered alternatives, where investing in Powered by the Sun mobile, solar power units will achieve the ultimate in clean power!

Finally, Natural Solutions is our commitment to achieving the dreams of sustainability in community association landscaping at competitive market rates. Progress may seem slower than we want at times, but we’re on the move!

Our Natural Solutions Practices

Not only do we apply sound environmental practices at the properties placed in our care, we also make a conscious effort to do the same in our offices.  Here are some of the things we practice:

  • 100% recycled paper and soy ink used.
  • Full recycling of all generated waste.
  • Recycling Certified Business through Portland Metro.
  • Recycling of batteries from battery-timer irrigation valve controllers.
  • Purchasing from local vendors.
  • Solar ventilation & lighting in all outbuildings.
  • Email & .pdf is the preferred method of correspondence.
  • GPS tracking systems to build the most fuel efficient fleet routing.
  • Bio-diesel used in all large trucks & ride mowing equipment.
  • Recycling of all landscape debris generated from operations.
  • Carb Tier II utilized on all equipment.
  • Management fleet converted to Hybrid vehicles since 2007.
  • Water recycling system installed spring 2010.
  • All cleaning materials are environmentally safe.
  • All oil is recycled.
  • Office electricity is supported by renewable power.

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