Organic Lawn Care

This lawn below has clover & flowers in it!!!  The other one is really nice & green!!!!  The one on the left is a low maintenance, low water, & nitrogen fixing lawn mix called “Fleur-de-Lawn”.  The lawn to the right has been on our organic lawn fertilizer program since 2008.  We have years of experience with organic & organic-based fertilizers.  In addition, whether organic or synthetic, we only use slow-release fertilizers, thus eliminating the run-off or leaching that can occur when using a lower grade of fertilizers.

For just a few cents more per square foot, you too can have an organically fertilized lawn.

What about weeds!  We have manual tools for pulling dandelions & some other broadleaf weeds. Unfortunately, there is no organic cure for clover yet.  With a manual weed control program, some weed pressure should be expected, but over time a thick, healthy turf will prevent most weeds from taking hold.